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About us

Vereniging voor Polymeerchemici ‘Netwerk’ (V.v.P. ‘Netwerk’) is an association within the Polymer Chemistry Department of the University of Groningen. V.v.P. ‘Netwerk’ was founded on October 24th in 1991. V.v.P. is not strictly a student society. Generally, people within the department (including Ph.D. students, trainees, professors, permanent staff, etc.) join the VvP. Moreover, outsiders that appreciate the club are also welcome.

The V.v.P. ‘Netwerk’ logo

The "core business" of V.v.P. ‘Netwerk’ is to organize activities for the members to enrich their internal and external contacts. Though the former is mainly focussed to come into contact with each other via the more informal club life, members are also kept up to date about the research of their colleague(s) within the department.

V.v.P. ‘Netwerk’ tries to attain its goals by organizing, for example, the so-called, GPC's (General Polymer Colloquia), excursions, trips, drinks, sport tournaments, etc. In case of a GPC, a talk is given by e.g. parting Ph.D-students, undergraduate students, professors or by invited people from companies or other universities. When possible, the GPC's are given every other week. The excursions are at least once a year and cover several disciplines within the polymer chemistry. These trips are a unique opportunity for undergraduates and Ph.D. students to visit an interesting company and check on their future propects.

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KvK nr.: 40026287