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News added on 15 Nov 2011, written by Thomas Voortman

For photos please see the included album and if you would like to have the full sized pictures, please contact me.

On Thursday the 10th of November the VvP organized a trip to the indoor beach of Binn'n Pret to play paint-ball. We gathered at 20:30 and first we received instructions about safety, the rules of the game, and how to operate the gun. Unfortunately, this was done in Dutch only so that 75% of us could not understand a single word of what was being said. After some quick translations we were ready to suit up, pick a mask and collect a gun.

All the guns were first tested and after that we could enter the "killing zone". Although the playing area was limited in size both teams could build a descent sized fortress out of foam blocks and even erect some defensive barriers. The first couple of games we played was capture the flag and only after 10 minutes of playing time many of us, including myself, discovered how fast you can fire 50 rounds. Luckily, in the "safe zone" you could buy some extra ammunition which, to my opinion, was worth every last penny.

After a couple of rounds of both winning and losing numerous (temporary) battle wounds and bruises were already starting to show. With the second game we played we only used one flag and the goal was to plant that flag, located in the middle of the field, in the opponents fortress to win the game. By now both teams had developed their own tactics so matches were played faster and more fanatically.

Two and a half hours of fun and adrenaline had past and thus it was time to cool down and have some refreshing drinks at the bar. I know that I had loads of fun and I hope that everyone else had as much fun as I did.

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