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Excursion to OcÚ

News added on 17 Apr 2013, written by Jelena Ciric

In November 2012, on one of many grey days, V.v.P. organized a wonderful excursion to OcÚ/Canon, one of the global leaders in the printing industry. Of course, nothing would be possible without a lot of financial help from both OcÚ/Canon and all the group leaders from the polymer chemistry department.


The fact that we live in the far north did not stop us to catch a bus, early in the morning and take a joyful ride to Venlo, where the headquarters of OcÚ/Canon are situated. After coffee and cakes, we had the pleasure to listen to a few lectures given by the employees of OcÚ/Canon, but we were also given an opportunity to present ourselves and our work. After the mutual introduction, we enjoyed a lunch where we had a chance to talk to all the lecturers of that day. This was followed by a visit to two factories where we were introduced to different techniques of printing and the processes how different inks are made. The end of this interesting day was finished with some drinks before we hit the road, and followed by interesting card games in our bus.

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