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Reunion Polymer Chemistry 2012

News added on 17 Jul 2013, written by Anton Hofman

Every five years a reunion is organized for everyone that has a connection with the polymer chemistry department, or had such in the past. 502 On the 21st of December 2012 it had been five years since the last reunion, so it was time again to search for the whereabouts of all alumni. However, this year's reunion was not only on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the department, but also to celebrate the 80th birthday of prof. Pennings, the 84th birthday of prof. Challa and furthermore to say informally goodbye to prof. Arend Jan Schouten, since he will retire in 2013.

465After a cup of coffee, the day started at 11:30 hour with a short introduction given by prof. Schouten. Then both prof. Andreas Herrmann and prof. Katja Loos continued by giving a lecture about the current polymer research to the audience, revealing the large difference between polymer chemistry nowadays and 45 years ago. Besides the research, the background of the PhD students changed a lot as well, since many are coming from abroad. This was an excellent opportunity for them to introduce their background to the former employees and students. When the educative part of the day was finished, drinks were served by the V.v.P. on the third floor of building 18 in order prepare for the transfer to MartiniPlaza. We had a very nice dinner at this beautiful location in Groningen, after which partying continued till late in the night. In total 140 participants attended this event, so we can conclude that it was very successful! Therefore the V.v.P. hopes that in five years the next reunion will be organized, so we can update each other about the changes in the upcoming years.

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